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Author: Claire Le Cornu on 25/08/2020

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So you’ve decided to get married in Jersey – what do you need to do in order to make it legal and proper?

You need to i) apply to give notice to marry a maximum of 12 months before your wedding day and then ii) give notice to marry at least eight weeks before your wedding day, submitting an application and supporting documents and completing various forms. Once your notice to marry has been published you then need to iii) request a marriage schedule.

In total, your legal fees will cost £500-£750 and you also need a marriage celebrant
£200-£475 to conduct your ceremony.


Applying to give notice to marry

You have to apply to the Superintendent Registrar (£200) to give notice to marry or have a civil partnership in Jersey. You need to make sure you meet certain criteria and need documents to support your application which can be submitted a maximum of 12 months before your wedding day


Your application must include date and time of your wedding, approved location and the name if your marriage celebrant.

At least eight weeks before your wedding day you and your partner then need to give notice to marry by signing your Freedom to Marry Declaration and complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form.  Your notice will then be published at the Office of the Superintendent Registrar and on www.gov.je.

Once this has been published, you need to arrange your marriage schedule (£300-£550)– the legal document that actually allows you to marry and you have to do this 3-10 days before your wedding day.

When this is complete, all your wedding documentation will be given to your marriage celebrant who will oversee you signing documents on the day, giving you and your partner a copy of your marriage certificate.


Change of date/time/location

If it’s more than 26 days before your wedding day, you can change the date, time or location set out in your notice for £50.



Getting married in special circumstances

The Superintendent Registrar should be contacted if you need to be married in special circumstances i.e. if you or your partner are dying, housebound or detained in hospital, prison or another secure facility.


All you need to know is here:



Approved locations

The beauty of getting married in Jersey now is that you can chose where you’d like to do this – and there is so much choice!


You can get married at the Office of the Superintendent Registrar or any approved marriage location – areas of natural beauty, hotels, pubs, events venues etc that have been approved.

If you want to get married somewhere not yet approved i.e. a home, garden or outdoor space etc, you can do this by completing an application form (£125). It’s recommended you do this asap though as applications can take some time to process



Marriage celebrant

You need to have someone legally able to conduct your wedding or civil partnership and this needs to be a registered religious official for a church wedding or a marriage celebrant; self employed and charging different rates and offering different services but authorised and regulated by the Superintendent Registrar.






Getting married with the church of England

If you’d like to get married in an Anglican church, you need to contact the church of your choice.


If you want to get married in a non-Anglican church, you need to contact the priest or minister at the church first and you’ll still need to contact the Superintendent Registrar to apply to give notice to marry. 



Office of the Superintendent Registrar (9am-12.30pm)

10 Royal Square

St Helier



T: 01534 441335

E: weddings@gov.je


Happy Wedding applying!