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Author: Marquee Solutions on 13/04/2021


Hi I’m Ffi and here is a little bit about me, my little boutique florist, everything we can provide and discussing upcoming trends.

After qualifying as a florist at the Welsh College of Horticulture and after many years as a Saturday girl in a local florist, I had always loved flowers as a child, and with my name meaning Foxglove It is kind of fitting that this was the career for me.


After qualifying, I moved to Jersey in 2002. I went on to manage two flower shops in Jersey before opening my own in 2015. Now 5 and half years later with a busy shop and even more weddings under my belt there is not much I have not done in terms of set up and designs, but with the ever-increasing demand for new trends and styles, I am definitely happy to come up with new ideas and help inspire, turning my hand to new requests.

Here are a few pointers to picking your flower schemes/décor and choosing your perfect florist.

Flowers and décor can be a large part of your big day or it can be a very simple part, either way you want the flowers and style to be reflective of you and your partner and complement the venue/location. The colour pallet may be based on your favourite colours/season/bridesmaids’ dresses or even based on a particular favourite flower you love. You may not even be sure of the colours/flowers you like initially but we can talk you through it all and show you flowers and styles as a starter. Once you start, it will soon come together.


When working with a florist, whoever you choose, it is good to get a feel for their style before you meet by checking out their Facebook page/website/Instagram etc and recommendations are always a good place to start as well.


A good florist can turn their hand to any style, but often have a unique something that stands out as them. Which may or may not be fitting for you.


Once you make the appointment to go through your requirements, have a basic list of items you were thinking of i.e. table centres, bouquets, arch, buttonholes, even if very basic, it will give us a place to start. Have a look on Pinterest and see if there is anything you do or do not like first. You will get to know quite quickly how you click with the florist on your first meeting, if you are on the same page and if you just get a good vibe that Yes this is your florist. We won’t be offended if you choose someone else, at the end of the day it is your day, do it your way.


When working within a budget for your florals it can often be a scary thing, what costs what and how does this look in terms of shape size flowers used. We would talk you through all this and explain the difference in size/style/flowers used etc.


Often when trying to work to a smaller budget immediately just Gyp or just foliage may seem a cheaper option, but this all depends on different factors like quantity/scale/time/labour. Saying that there are always ways to create your dream look without breaking the bank.


Flowers are often something that remains in the memory for the guests and the couple alike, so you want it to be special and this can be made all the more unique with a ceiling installation, which will fit perfectly into a marquee design.


The idea has always been around with larger scale full foliage installs and ceiling hoops, but the trend for 2021 and 2022 sees looser more central designs of single line foliage Scaff poles and crate designs with loose soft trailing flowers and foliage. We would create these designs on site for you and Marquee Solutions would provide the equipment. We would work together to bring your designs to life. They do not always have to be vast layouts with simple trailing foliage throughout the festoon or fairy lights can look just as effective.


We can also provide many other props from large scale Love letters filled with artificial flowers or Retro bulbs to light up your dance floor, to large milk churns filled with flowers for that perfect entrance, or our Original Jersey Moongate arch and so many different table centre vases, bowls and mini moongates to name a few. We can build bespoke items or source from our suppliers.


Once we have had the initial consultation and run through your ideas, I would write up the quote for you based on these requirements. If you are happy with the initial quote, we ask for the deposit to secure the date. Once this is paid the date is secure and we are your chosen florist. If you decide not to proceed with the quote, it is always good to let us know, we can then make the date available to other potential clients.


We will then work with you in the run up to your special day, working alongside your other suppliers and tweak everything to suit as we go.


If the initial ideas change half way through, this is not a problem, we can go back to basics ad change what needs to be changed so that you are happy with your selection. We will put flowers together to show you and can arrange a mock up design for you to purchase, so you can be fully happy with your colour and flower choices.


I strive to make every wedding as special and unique as the couple themselves and open to any ideas to help create something bespoke for you.

I hope this little blog helps with knowing a little of how and where to start to build your floral picture.


Any queries I am always happy to help and inspire. Happy wedding planning.