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Author: Marquee Solutions on 26/04/2021


How to choose the best Wedding Photographer & Videographer for your day

by Becky Kinross from Films About Love


There is nothing quite like your wedding day. How often do you get to have all your favourite people in your life in the same room? Ironically, as the happy couple, you may find you simply cannot give everyone the time you want as you are swept around the day in a haze of love and celebration. This is why it’s so important to have your day captured in photography and on film, to catch those moments you missed. Whether it be the impromptu toy tractor race taking place outside the marquee, the kids stealing extra sweets from the sweet cart or your parents having a moment on the dance floor, these are the moments which you will love the most when looking back on your day.


The joy I get from delivering final wedding films to newly-weds is immense. I get to say - here are your memories for you to enjoy, here are the bits you missed for you to laugh at and here are the sights and sounds for you to show future generations and to those that were unable to be there. 


To contribute to your happiness levels on the day it is important to choose the best suppliers for you. This is particularly important when choosing your photographer and videographer as they will be the ones you will see the most. 


I know I am biased, but I would always recommend that before you book your venue, you check that your ideal photographer and videographer are also available. It is never too early to book your wedding team which is why my 2023 calendar is already starting to fill up. 


Here are my tips on how to choose the best photographer and videographer. 


Personal Connection

Meet up with your ideal photographer and videographer in person. You want to ensure that you feel relaxed and happy in their presence. When you relax, you smile and laugh and when you smile and laugh, you look at your most awesome.



Take time to look at their past work. Everyone has a certain style and you want to make sure that you can see your day captured in that particularly way. We are blessed in Jersey to have a wide range of styles from all photographers & videographers. From slick high-value productions to relaxed and natural, you will be able to find the style that works for you.



Understand what’s included in the package on offer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for a further explanation than what may be shown on the website or in a brochure. If you don’t see something which you were hoping to have then just ask, as most suppliers will be keen to work with you on making your vision a reality. 



You will feel most comfortable finding a photographer and videographer through a recommendation as you can then ask the person who gave the recommendation further questions about the supplier and will be able to see a true picture of the whole experience. Put a shout out on social media or simply ask your booked suppliers. 


The team you put together for your Wedding has to be one that you can trust and one that you relax with. It’s all about creating the best possible vibes so you have the most awesome day possible. 


At Films About Love we craft beautiful, natural and heartfelt films filled with love, laughter and everything in between. Capturing those special moments without you even knowing and making you laugh at just the right time, in just the right light, to make you look and feel awesome.


To see recent weddings we have had the pleasure of filming as well as information on our packages please visit www.filmsaboutlove.co.uk