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Author: Marquee Solutions on 30/03/2021


I’m Natalie Mayer and I’ve been documenting weddings in Jersey for the past 11 years. Prior to that I worked in action sports photography, as the senior photographer for a snowboard magazine, so I’m well used to fast paced situations, (and also a little endurance).


I love to observe life, and to me, a wedding is a wonderful celebration of just that.


I aim to capture the big moments, the tender glances, and all the gestures in between. I’m searching for warm and soulful images that feel timeless.


My approach is to discreetly capture the raw beauty of the moment, while calmly embracing the unknowns of the day, helping people feel relaxed in front of the camera, and celebrating the individuality of each wedding.


All those magic moments happen when you are in the moment, enjoying your day. The best gift you can give to your self on your wedding day is to book photographer you trust, and then try your very best to forget about the photos. When you are un-selfconscious, and just having a great time with the people you love, that’s when the magic happens for the camera.


Trends come and go, and overly stylised images can quickly become dated. I wish to capture each wedding I photograph in an honest and non-choreographed way. The aim is that your images will still hold their power in 25 years, and become a treasured family possession.


I’m passionate about documenting the connection between humans. Intuitively tuning into these subtle moments is my passion and life work.


If you would like to book me, please check out my work online and then drop me an email so I can share all my details.


My website is www.nataliemayer.com