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Author: Claire Le Cornu on 23/06/2020

We're very excited to introduce Samantha who is going to tell us all about her amazing cake designs and the perfect cake for your wedding day! Makes us hungry...


My favourite part of being a cake designer is meeting couples and hearing all about their weddings plans.  For most couples, organising a wedding and designing a cake is not something they’ve done before.  During a consultation I ask couples to first tell me all about their plans for the day.  We chat about the number of guests, the venue, invitations and on the day stationery, colours and flowers, so that I can build a picture of all the different elements that will go into creating the perfect wedding day for that couple. The answer to these questions helps shape and guide the size and design of the wedding cake. 


I usually advise that you do not need enough cake servings to match every last guest, as not everybody will have some cake.  After eating a 3 course meal, along with drinks there will be a fair few guests who simply won’t or can’t take up the offer of any more food.  However, if the cake is to be served as dessert, you do need to ensure that there is enough cake for everyone, and as a dessert portion is bigger in size than a coffee sized portion, a larger cake will be needed. 

Once we have established how many servings will be needed, we then move onto the design of the wedding cake.  My top tip is to remember that your wedding cake should reflect you as a couple and fit in with the style of your wedding, so stay true to yourselves.   Ask yourself what that style is - what are you trying to achieve - is it a romantic, whimsical, modern, classic or contemporary feel? 

Your choice of venue will really influence the design of your cake, so think about how the style of your cake will fit within the ambience around it.  Wherever you choose to celebrate your wedding, your cake will be on display and where you plan to cut into it needs to be taken into account. 

A tall elegant cake will look amazing in a venue with high ceilings, whereas a 3 tiered wedding cake, whilst providing the right number of servings will feel a little lost and insignificant in a big space.   This doesn’t mean you need to have an 8 tier cake just to fill the space, one of the tricks of the trade is to use “dummy” tiers, covered to look like the rest of the cake.  Nobody will know, unless they try to cut into it of course!

Don’t let your cake be pushed into the corner of the room, give it a spotlight.  Apart from sharing with your guests, beautiful cakes are for displaying, so bring it out and show it off! I’ve displayed cakes at the entrance to marquees, on the dance floor, on a ghost plinth, in a wreath of fresh flowers and on a cake swing.  Just remember to keep the style consistent with the rest of your decor and you will create that all important wow factor.

Don’t forget about the weather!  Most summer brides are hoping for a lovely day, but we have been experiencing more and more extreme weather over the last few years and whilst a buttercream cake and/or a naked cake may look lovely in a rustic setting, they need to be temperature controlled to avoid becoming unstable.  The sun is not a friend of buttercream cakes and you may risk your cake melting on hot sunny days.  Fondant covered cakes are always a safe option.  A fondant cake is also a good base upon which to add that personal detail that will make your wedding cake different to someone else's - modern stencils, monograms, initials and lace piping are all details that can be added to a fondant covered cake.


Trends come and go, but try to incorporate the trendy elements in a subtle, timeless manner.  Draw inspiration from your wedding stationery, flowers and or bridesmaids colours to make the cake your own.  Use false tiers or a cake stand to create height.  

Your cake should be both beautiful and delicious.  Sample tasting is always fun. Think about your menu when choosing your flavours.  If you’re having a chocolate dessert, you may not want a chocolate cake.  You don’t have to have the same flavour in each tier, mix them up a bit, perhaps save the top tier for yourselves to eat together on your first anniversary?

There are lots more details that need to be considered when designing  a  wedding cake - will the cake be delivered, what time, if you’re having fresh flowers who will decorate the cake, all of these questions can be explained and answered at your consultation. 


Finally, wedding planning should be fun.  All of your suppliers want to help you and ensure that you and your guests remember the beautiful flowers, delicious food, excellent service and how fabulous your wedding cake looked and tasted.  We have lots of experience and are here to help guide you through those all important decisions, so that your wedding day can truly be your best day ever.