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Author: Marquee Solutions on 7/07/2021


Kristina & Brent 


A massive thank you to Kristina & Brent for taking the time to write about the planning and details of their wedding day which hopefully will be helpful to other couples in making decisions, giving suggestions on venues/suppliers etc, ideas and to discuss how covid-19 impacted their wedding. 


Where did you meet?

We met at People’s Park. We had been friends since we were 15 but didn’t get together until quite a bit later.


What did you do for your first date?

We made a birthday cake for our friend Abby’s birthday


How long have you been together?

8 Years.


How and where did he/she propose?

Brent proposed whilst we were on holiday in the South of France. He was really nervous and couldn’t find the “perfect” place to do it but we eventually found a really nice park.


How long were you engaged before you got married?

We got engaged in August 2018 so we were meant to be engaged for just under 2 years but with COVID ruining our initial plans it was just under 3.


What made you decide to go with the venue you chose for your wedding day?

Brent plays in a band & has seen lots of weddings, he always wanted a marquee wedding. I grew up near Samares Manor and have always loved it. We wanted both the ceremony and the reception at one place. It was our first and only venue we went to see, it was perfect for what we wanted.


Where did you go on your hen /stag do’s?

I went to Disneyland Paris in February 2020 – (A week before things started to go COVID crazy). It was so much fun, we all had such a great time. It’s funny looking back at it now and how normal everything was.

Then I had 3 small “COVID friendly” ones in Jersey this year, one with family, one with close friends and one with work friends. They were all so good & I’m so lucky to have had 4 hen do’s!

Brent is yet to go on his, he was supposed to go in April 2020. His best man lives in Norway and loads of his friends live in the UK so they couldn’t go to where they were planning this year because of all the restrictions in place. They’ve still managed to keep the location a surprise from him! He’ll go soon hopefully. He had a small one over here with family and friends.


Where did you both get ready the night before your wedding?

I got ready at the Hotel De France, it’s so lovely there and the rooms are huge!

Brent got ready at our house.


Where did you stay the night of your wedding?

At the Hotel De France


Did you have a small or large wedding?

It was small considering what we had planned before, but it was perfect and probably more of a normal size.

We were supposed to get married in May 2020 with 120 guests. This year, although there was no restriction on numbers at our venue, there were restrictions with travel & everyone had to be seated etc so we had 65 guests.


Do you have a favourite photo from your wedding day? If so, why is it your fave and which one?

We love so many of the photos, it’s impossible to choose just one! Sophie is such a great photographer! I think my favourite changes almost weekly. At the moment it’s the one of us under an arch in the Herb Garden. It was taken just after the ceremony and we were walking to our drinks reception, it was our first “alone” moment after the ceremony.


What was your first dance song and is there a story behind why you chose this song?

Our first dance was Moondance by Van Morrison.

Originally we were going to have the groomsmen, who are all musicians, play the song live whilst we danced but 3 of them couldn’t make it over so that didn’t happen in the end. 


What made your wedding day unique?

It was one of the first “normal” weddings with so little restrictions for quite a long time and the atmosphere was great! The suppliers were all amazing and so excited to be working again. Our guests were so happy to be dancing and feeling normal again. We had a few people come over from the UK and they hadn’t left their houses for anything fun for months so they were so excited!


Whats your favourite part of your wedding day?

We loved all of it, every moment was just amazing & we really wish we could do the same day all over again and just slow it down.

I loved getting ready with the girls, my dress, walking down the aisle with my grandad, seeing Brent at the end of the aisle & having the golden hour photos.

Brent loved the ceremony, the speeches – they were hilarious! (his Bestman was unable to make it as he lives in Norway but he recorded his speech) and the food was amazing, Tony and his team at Jersey Kitchen did an incredible job!  


Where did you get your inspiration and styling for your wedding?

Marquee Solutions wedding fayres, Instagram and Pinterest.


Where did you go/are going on your honeymoon?

We are hopefully going to go to Crete in July!


Did you have anything homemade at your wedding?

The confetti was handmade and we had photos of our grandparents on their wedding days on our cake table. 

We’re not very creative but we got All About Love, an amazing local business to make all of our guest place names and some signs. The guys at Marquee Solutions and Eden by Claire took care of all the creative bits!


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?

Something old was my grans engagement ring

Something new was my dress, shoes & veil

Something borrowed was my bag

Something blue was my garter

My friend Jade gave me a sixpence for my shoe as well which I didn’t realise was the end of the rhyme.


Is there anything you would change about your wedding day?

We wish those that couldn’t make it because of the travel restrictions could have been there.

 & I wish I could have had more time with the girls in the morning.

I probably should have made more confetti.


What advice would you give to brides & grooms planning their wedding?

A bit cliché but enjoy every moment, even the stressful planning part. I always had people tell me it goes so quick, but it really does and it’s so easy to go from one thing to the next without taking it all in.


Overall, how did COVID effect your day for better or worse?

We didn’t have to make the difficult choice to postpone last year, it was forced as everything was locked down at the start of May 2020 and I’m really glad the decision was taken out of our hands. This year we decided to go ahead with it regardless of what the restrictions were. At one-point Marquee Solutions drew us up a Marquee for 10 people (including us) and that was the hardest time. We lost the joy for it but then we were so lucky that everything changed in the lead up and it was perfect. It was exactly what we wanted and how we wanted it but just with a few people unfortunately missing. In some ways the smaller guestlist was better as we got to spend more time with each guest and speak with them.


Please list all suppliers/venues from your wedding

Venue for your ceremony – Samares Manor

Venue for your reception – Samares Manor

Caterers – Jersey Kitchen

Cake – Ceri’s Cakes

Florist – Eden By Claire

Photographer – Sophie Darwin

Videographer – Luminary Films

Celebrant – Anne Sugden: Marry Me Jersey

Wedding Dress – Anna Trigg

Bridesmaids dresses – Anna Trigg

Groom’s suit – The Bridal Boutique

Groomsman – The Bridal Boutique

Rings - Rivoli

Stationary – Quints of Jersey

Transport – Style Hire & Signiture

DJ – Sam Marks

Band – None (Not allowed)

Hair & make up – Hair Sophie Lea Kelly, Make up Juilet French MakeUp

Alternative suppliers – All About Love (Place names)