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Author: Marquee Solutions on 23/03/2021

We all know about the usual suspects in the wedding party line up and what that entails.

A few examples below, just in case your new to all of this!

BRIDE and GROOM – Not even going to go there, pretty self-explanatory!

THE BEST MAN – Make sure the groom has an epic stag, makes it to the church on time and with the rings and deliver an epic memorable speech (possibly for all the wrong reasons).

THE MAID OF HONOUR – Love and support the bride through all her wedding dramas, deliver an unforgettable hen party, stand by her side and keep her calm on the morning of the wedding and be on hand throughout the day and for the rest of her life really!

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE – Be supportive throughout the planning process but not overbearing and controlling. Wear something nice but not to upstage the bride and generally just be full to the brim with pride as you get to see your little girl marry the love of her life!

MASTER OF CEREMONIES – Keep things in check, its your job to keep the day moving and inform the Ushers of where and when they need to be ushing people. Normally someone who doesn’t mind the spotlight with a rather commanding voice and deminer.

USHERS – Generally support your groom, generally USH people where they need to be USHED!

PAIGE BOYS AND FLOWER GIRLS – Look cute and be a little bit cheeky!

So many of your wonderful family and friends will be included in these categories but you may find you have certain members of the family or close friends that you really feel you want to include and give a more bespoke role to so we wanted to share some fun ways to do this with perhaps some more ‘unconventional’ wedding roles!

Wedding Readings – Choose someone who is comfortable with public speaking and someone who feel confident in the setting. A great way to include someone who is a special part of your lives in a personal way!

Confetti distribution – Ok, maybe it seems ridiculous but it needs to be done and for an organized and sociable individual would excel in this position! 

Chief champagne pourer and MC for wedding speeches – A larger than life character, possibly a family member or friend who isn’t directly involved in the wedding party! Someone who can shout loudly and get people’s attention when required!

On another side, there are a huge list of roles that may not be so glamourous but are good to have someone within your bridal party allocated to so you know its being over seen, these may include but are not limited to;

  • Site styling – you cant be in two places at once so either reenlist a friend (or trusted marquee solution stylist) to oversee the morning set up of the wedding so you know it will look how you have planned!
  • Train bearing – if you have a train or long veil its worth having a little play with your bridal party before you get to the church to make sure it is splayed exactly as you want in those all-important wedding pictures.
  • Guest book guarding – allocate someone to periodically check on the guestbook to remind people to leave a little message or well wish for the happy couple! What’s the point in doing all the set up and preparation if no one is going to use it right?
  • Present and card patrolling – Put a bubbly relative in charge of the ‘Where does this go?” looks as gift giving guests pour into the reception. 

We hope this has been helpful and would love to hear what unconventional roles you allocated at your wedding!