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Author: Claire Le Cornu on 3/06/2020

Its certainly the most on trend marquee in the market at the moment and we get so many enquiries and questions, we wanted to take the opportunity to way up the pros and cons of having a clear marquee for your event so you can figure out if it’s the right choice for you!


Georgia + Will - Image by Max Burnett


One of the main reasons for choosing a marquee as your event space is that they are so flexible and versatile and it’s so important that this suits the backdrop you have also chosen as your event venue. One benefit of a completely clear marquee is that you be able to really embrace the scenery of your chosen venue whilst still providing shelter for your guests, if you want that inside outside feel, there is no better way to achieve this.





A clear marquee certainly creates a wow factor and gives you something different but equally has the diversity of taking on a different feel and so regardless of the overall feel you want to achieve it will work for you, be it elegant and glamorous or rustic and edgy. As you can see from the photos no matter what the style or set up they always look absolutely gorgeous – and without a shadow of a doubt they come into their own as the sun begins to set with the starry nights sky and twinkly lights reflecting. For this reason, they are a particularly good choice if you are choosing to get married in the spring or autumn when the days are a little shorter.



Sarah + Fab - Photo by Poppy Larbalastier



One thing to bear in mind is that much like a greenhouse, on a sunny day, they can become extremely hot and so we strongly suggest that they are avoided in high summer with a venue that doesn’t have some shade or sheltered, dappled tree coverage.




A simple way to get around this is to have best of both worlds and have half and half! Why not have a covered dining area so it’s a bit cooler for your guests while having the wedding breakfast and then have a clear marquee for the evening and dance underneath the stars. 







As we all know Jersey weather is a little unpredictable and can change quite quickly so to make sure you enjoy your day/ evening and those exciting moments whilst not having to worry about the weather, you could also opt for a clear ceremony marquee or clear covered drinks reception area. One of the beauties of having a marquee is that flexibility and it makes the possibilities are endless!



Bianca + John - Photo credits Max Burnett




The Marquee Solutions team will sit down with you and discuss all the options and different styles, we have to offer to make sure we bring your dream wedding to life whatever that may be!