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Author: Claire Le Cornu on 20/05/2020

We are so pleased to have our second guest writer on the blog today, James from The Event Shop is talking about why you might need to hire a wedding planner.



You’ll most likely already know what you want from your wedding day, but maybe you’re short of hours to plan, design and coordinate your perfect Jersey wedding.In order to have a bespoke and unforgettable wedding that truly reflects your personality, you might want to look at all the reasons why you should hire a wedding planner:

1. Control Over Budget

Let’s start by saying that there is only one vendor you can hire that can possibly save you money – that is your wedding planner. They know the industry. They know where to find what you are looking for at the price that fits your budget.Your wedding budget is an important aspect of planning your wedding. Venue fees, vendor quotes, payment schedules and cost planning are some of the things you need to worry about. An experienced wedding planner knows what costs to expect and keeps track of the overall price.Hiring a wedding planner often means having a skilled negotiator to rely on. They will put enough pressure on the vendors or suppliers when required so that your budgetary wishes are met.


2. Saves Time and Reduces Stress

There are many excellent wedding industry suppliers to choose from in Jersey. One of the hardest tasks is finding the right venue, best florists, photographers, videographers, cake designers, caterers and much, much more. Knowing where to start and who is right for you can be difficult, and that’s before you even start planning the wedding. A wedding planner’s job is to spend the hours required researching, planning and negotiating so that you get the wedding you want.It takes on average 250 hours to research and plan a wedding, so much of the stress comes from lack of time, organisation and experience.By hiring a planner, you can not only save time and money, but you also greatly reduce your stress levels.


3. The Perfect Wedding Day

It takes a lot of time and hard work to create your dream wedding. You want the day to go as perfectly as possible while you enjoy all of the fun and celebrations with your family and friends. Wedding planners are very detail-oriented and ensure that nothing is left out. These professionals know what different events & occasions demand and are familiar with the fine details.


4. Professional Advice

A good event planner listens closely to what you have to say and incorporates your wishes and demands, giving his or her professional advice or opinions when needed.Wedding planners know how to take your wishes and demands to heart but still make the necessary tweaks and adjustments. An experienced planner will listen carefully, provide input and be realistic when it’s appropriate.If you are still not convinced that hiring a wedding planner is the single most perfect gift you can give to yourself on your wedding day, it’s probably because you think that:

The Venue Provides Someone:

This is probably one of the most common reasons why couples think they should not hire a wedding planner. There isn’t a venue in Jersey that provides the service that a wedding planner does.The venue representative is there to manage things from the venue’s perspective, a wedding planner is there to manage everything from the client’s perspective.

I Can’t Afford a Wedding Planner!

Yes, yes you can.They can negotiate with every vendor to save you money. A great planner will negotiate every fee and make things as reasonable as possible for the couple getting married.

I Can Plan Everything Myself

This is no regular birthday party, quiz night or social event. Weddings are much, much bigger.Why not let a professional manage one of the most important days of your life, so that you can enjoy your day and make wonderful memories with your loved ones.At the end of the day, when the guests are gone and you reflect back on your wedding with your new husband or wife, a planner wants you to have only the best memories.

Your wedding day is meant to be the best and most perfect day of your life, so why tarnish that with planning, stress and endless to do lists? Make the most of the skills and experience of wedding planners. You won’t regret it.